Welcome to Dickson Hill

West Galt (Cambridge), Ontario

Antique cast iron street lamps, private rear laneways, and stately single family homes paint a beautiful streetscape definitive of the Dickson Hill neighbourhood. Situated atop the Grand River Valley and overlooking the historic town of Galt, the residential area exudes both charm and sophistication.

The beloved neighbourhood is namesake of the honourable William Dickson, a notable early settler and substantial land owner recognized as Galt's founder. In the 1880's, young Florence Dickson, William's granddaughter, made a decision to convert her portion of the land into the residential neighbourhood today known as Dickson Hill. During this time of economic expansion, Galt's thriving manufacturing base resulted in a demand for more exclusive housing. For the middle to upper class desiring grander homes, the Dickson Hill plan for spacious lots was ideal. This growth continued intermittently over a period of many years, resulting in the immense diversity of housing styles evident today. Altogether the effect is alluring.

Enter the unique town of Galt, and be surrounded by the ageless Grand River, Old Queens Square, inviting shops and fine architecture. Ascend the curving Crescent Place Road and experience the rich historical character of Dickson Hill.


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