Welcome to Olde Walkerville

Windsor, Ontario

In Canada's southern-most city of Windsor lies the quaint neighbourhood of Olde Walkerville, a perfect example of a 'garden community'. The former town was the visionary development of one of Ontario's prominent 19th century entrepreneurs, Hiram Walker.

As the founder of the famous "Canadian Club Whiskey", Walker envisioned a 'model town' as a setting in which his distillery and employees could reside. Walkerville therefore began as a small village along the Detroit River and, as the community developed around the thriving distillery, became incorporated as a town in 1890. Walker's careful planning enabled the town to become a booming industrial centre of considerable importance, as well as one of the most beautiful areas of the country. In 1913, a local publication lauded Walkerville as "probably the most attractive and orderly town in the whole Dominion"*.

Mature trees, inviting streets, and a charming blend of well-preserved 19th century rowhouses, stately executive homes and chic residences define the style of this notable neighbourhood. Willistead Manor serves as a magnificent centerpiece to the area, with elegant grounds offering a tranquil haven for nearby residents.

Situated near the water, and within walking distance to everyday conveniences, the area is central to many attractions within Windsor. Olde Walkerville stands as a neighbourhood that gracefully balances its historic character within a modern community.


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